Charities We are Supporting

Read more below about the charities we are supporting through this challenge. Click on their logos to visit their websites.

Oceans of Hope are a charity based in the UK which organises sailing events for people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and home of the award-winning Oceans of Hope Challenges. These challenges offer people from all over the world the opportunity to sail alongside others with MS both raising awareness of the disease and encouraging integration.

Oceans of Hope brings together people with MS into a sailing environment, working collectively to overcome these challenges. Time on board a Challenge vessel leads to increased confidence and an improvement in wellbeing, giving hope for the future.

You don't need to have any experience of sailing - our challenges are open to all with MS.

Yachting Gives Back works with local charities in Mallorca to support the vulnerable people on the island. With a high community of Superyacht residents and visitors, Mallorca is a good example of here extreme wealth meets extreme poverty.

Currently much of the food is sourced from Mallorca’s Banco de Alimentos (Food Bank) which itself plans to collect 1,400,000kg of food this year to help the 20,000 or more workers or retirees who cannot make ends meet.

According to the Balearic branch of the European Anti Poverty Network (EAPN), almost 25% of the Islands’ population, around 276,000 people, are at risk of social exclusion – and that figure is rising.

Yachting Gives Back, a concept founded by GYG’s Nick Entwisle, hopes to help close the stark disparity between rich and poor. Yachting Gives Back is asking for non-perishables such as pasta, rice, flour, tinned vegetables, milk, fruit juice and pasta sauces, alongside hygiene products like shampoo, soap and toothbrushes. .

TEAM ENDEAVOUR RACING is open to Wounded, Injured and Sick (WIS) serving personnel and veterans. It provides a foundation as a transition vehicle supporting and empowering team members into future employment, training or education, utilising peer mentoring and providing support and assistance through its network partners.

The team uses entry-level power boating ‘Thundercat Racing’ to create an enjoyable and stimulating environment. Our aims are to develop, inspire and challenge Team Members during this demanding and difficult time transitioning from the Armed Forces into civilian life, supported by volunteers with service backgrounds including its own WIS personnel and veterans.

We support many WIS veterans through difficult times.


The Shambhala Foundation seeks to serve, help and promote vulnerable young people in Mallorca who lack opportunities, education and / or guarantees.

The aim of the Foundation is to advise young people so they can learn to honor and respect themselves, and their environment. And, in doing so they become mature and responsible adults. We also seek to reduce the existing opportunity gap, offering them and their families hope for a better future.

The Foundation helps young people to reach their full educational, intellectual, physical and social potential through participation in four integrated programs. .

SYC Action Fund .